Self-Stabilizing Professional Work Platform

Finally, A work platform for skilled professionals.


About Us

Stoutson started in 2015 in Orlando, Florida, to commercialize the professional work platform. Our story started years earlier with the frustration that no heavy duty platforms were available. Building a set of strong, stiff sawhorses from 2x4’s only led to more frustration; they wobbled. Frustration breeds innovation. Lots of experimentation eventually led to the self-stabilizing concept. It took several months to develop the mathematical models to optimize the geometry. Then, we went through several rounds of prototypes, from corrugated cardboard to aluminum. It worked, even under extreme circumstances.

We built full-scale prototypes for market testing. Our targeted audience loved the concept, but aluminum was too expensive. We learned that professionals wanted the tool bridge. We created a simplified design from steel. It has fewer parts, fewer manufacturing operations, easier assembly. Yet it has the same concept, strength, and durability. We worked closely with the engineers of our suppliers. We did a color study that showed that the combination of orange brown and black best expressed strength and stability.

After years of development, we are now ready and bring all these ideas together to serve the skilled craftsmen who work with heavy-duty tools.