Self-Stabilizing Professional Work Platform

The Stoutson Work Platform

The only self-stabilizing professional work platform for extremely rough environments


  • Because of the unique self-stabilizing geometry, it will never wobble, even on extremely uneven terrain.  Your workpiece does not sway, slide, or rock.  This allows you to work safely, comfortably, and precise.
  • Ergonomic height. The height of the platform is an ergonomic counter height (34 inches).  This protects the lower back.  Also, with elevated height, eyes are closer to the workpiece
  • Large footprint (48 x 68) provides additional stability, especially for power tools that are subject to horizontal forces.
  • Cutting into the saddle of the trestle does not damage tools or the trestle itself.

  • The self-stabilizing geometry evenly distributes the load over all four legs.  The load limit has healthy safety margin.

  • No sharp edges


The Stoutson has four legs, but behaves like a three-legged stool.  How is this possible?  How does it work?

Although the Stoutson looks rectangular, everything about the trestle is triangular.  The crossbeam is really an inverted triangle and the leg structures are tetrahedrons.  That is the simple explanation.  The optimization of the self-stabilization geometry is a very complex mix of three-dimensional trigonometry, orientation angles, rotation angles, friction forces, and gravitational forces.

How Does it Work - Black - 09122017.jpg

Fortunately, the user does not have to understand any of this.  Just plop it down.  Mathematics and physics automatically do the rest.  It always works.  It never fails.

Designed specifically for rough outdoor environments

  • Tough, durable powder coat
  • All hinges and fasteners are made from stainless steel
  • Large feet do not sink into soft soil
  • The boots that protect the feet are molded from a tough, fiber-reinforced polymer

Productivity Benefits

  • Hold work stock within easy reach in front of the power tool.
  • Walk into work area instead of walking up to it.
  • Full access to workpiece; legs do not sit in the way
  • Folds flat for portability and storage.
  • No need to adjust legs. No fiddling with rotating feet

Durability and Construction

  • Heavy gauge carbon steel
  • All hinges are double-shear construction
  • The parts that are subject to wear (saddle and feet) are easily replaceable.